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Jacobo Aguirre

Centro de Astrobiología CSIC-INTA, Ctra de Torrejón a Ajalvir km 4, 28850 Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain

(34) 91 520 1692

jaguirre{at}cab.inta-csic.es jacobo.aguirre.a{at}gmail.com

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A brief history of (my) time

I was born in Madrid in 1975, or that is what my parents say. I would like to tell you that I spent my first years of life traveling around the world with a Russian Circus, or looking for archaeological rests in the heart of the Amazon, but the boring truth is that I had an ordinary and very happy childhood with my family in Madrid, Spain.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1994-1999)

I decided to study Physics for the same reason as Prof. Sheldon Glashow (Nobel prize in Physics 1979): because it resulted to be a good way of earning some money while satisfying my curiosity. For that reason, I spent 5 years at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1994-1999), where I graduated in Physics (speciality in Astrophysics).

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (1999-2006)

I developed a thesis on chaos theory and nonlinear physics at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid), under the supervision of Prof. Sanjuán, and I defended it on March 2004. In fact, I spent 7 years at that University, from 1999 to 2006, working as a Teacher Assistant. During that time, I spent half a year in the Physics Department of the Danish Technical University (DTU) at Copenhagen, Denmark, collaborating with Prof. Erik Mosekilde. I developed several short stays in some nice places such as the Chaos Group of the University of Maryland (USA), under the supervision of Prof. James Yorke (the researcher who coined the term "Chaos"!), or the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden, Germany. Actually, I met very bright and charming people in all those places, and in fact I learnt quite a lot of things about science and life during those trips.

Centro de Astrobiología CSIC-INTA (2006-2014)

In 2006 I abandoned the University to join the Centro de Astrobiología CSIC-INTA, where I stayed until 2014 working in the Evolutionary Systems Group of Prof. Susanna Manrubia. There was a nice working environment down there, and we worked mainly in applying the typical tools of nonlinear physics and statistical mechanics to several biological problems. My main interests were viral evolution and adaptability in the context of quasispecies theory, while other members of the group used to work in RNA evolution and its relation with the origin of life. The possibility of working hand in hand with biologists that developed their experiments 20 meters away from my door was certainly unique.

Centro Nacional de Biotecnología CSIC (2014-2019)

The Evolutionary Systems Group of Prof. Susanna C. Manrubia moved to CNB in 2014, where I stayed until 2019.

Back to the Centro de Astrobiología (2019-...)

I finally won a permanent position (CSIC Distinguished Researcher in 2019 and CSIC Científico Titular in 2023) at Centro de Astrobiología. Well, better late than never! I created a group on Complexity applied to Astrobiology at this centre. You are very welcome to contact me if you want to take part of it (more info at Calls, Grants & Open Positions)