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Jacobo Aguirre

Centro de Astrobiología CSIC-INTA, Ctra de Torrejón a Ajalvir km 4, 28850 Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain

(34) 91 520 1692

jaguirre{at}cab.inta-csic.es jacobo.aguirre.a{at}gmail.com

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Welcome to the Complexity & Astrobiology Group!

Hello! I am Jacobo Aguirre, and I hold a CSIC permanent researcher position at the Centro de Astrobiología CSIC-INTA (Madrid, Spain). You are entering the webpage of my group, where you can get some information about who we are, our professional interests, papers, etc. If you think you had never seen a website as simple and shabby as this one, take into account that I am too lazy (and too ignorant) to make it much better. Anyway, I promise to improve it in the nearby future... so, don't be too exigent, and enjoy it.

By the way, we are starting as a research group on Complexity applied to Astrobiology , so, if you are interested in joining us, please contact. Science and fun guaranteed!

OPEN 2-year Research Assistant POSITION TO JOIN US (Ayudante de Investigación de la Comunidad de Madrid). Deadline at the end of May or June. Don't miss it!

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